Piedmont Driving Club
Est. 1978

2019 PDC Board

President - Mary Munster

I drove as a child, avid rider, fox hunter, eventer, dressage, etc, etc, etc. And got back into driving because of etc! Started with a single, and when Matsje won at Upperville in 2010, I caught the fever. From that I went to pair, tandem, unicorn, and have recently found my love for 4 in hand. Driving allows me to enjoy my horses in a way that I could not if I were riding. In doing so I have met a great supportive group of people who are there for me when etc happens.

Vice-President - Doug Ward

Doug has worked in the printing industry for 24 years in all levels from copy editing, to pre-press, press, bindery, production management and project management.  He currently works for the US Government  as Technology Program Manager handling high security document systems engineering and production.
Doug is a new comer to the sport of driving.  He has been driving for 2 years with his Belgian x Quarter Horse, Red.  Doug is interested in Pleasure and recreational driving mostly.  
Doug has aspirations to be a Pleasure Driving Technical Delegate in the future.

Secretary - Pat McCann

I’ve loved horses all my life and have been riding for many years. Took my first riding lessons when I was 11, got my first horse when I was 12 and  took my horse to college with me. In 2005, as I was approaching my senior years, I decided to learn to drive with my new 5 year old Saddlebred/TB gelding.  Maryalice trained my horse and me to drive in record time and all went beautifully. I worked for the federal government in DC for 31 years, and am now retired. Horses helped me keep my sanity my whole career, and still do!!   I enjoy pleasure riding, and driving my dear horse JayJay and being a member of PDC. Also enjoy steeplechase racing as a member of the Celtic Venture Racing Syndicate.

Treasurer - ​Cindy Stylianos  

While I have owned horses since age 11, it was my husband’s and my initial purchase of an Arabian horse that has taken me on an extraordinary adventure through 38 years of traveling, breeding, promoting and showing our Arabian horses. We have met, visited with, and have become friends with: Middle Eastern Royalty, world-renown equestrians, trainers, breeders, authors, photographers and artists.

I began driving with our first Arabian, then a retired show gelding. This started 20+ years of driving. With an Arabian horse we bred, I showed and pinned in driving and carriage classes in open, 4-H, Rated and Regional shows, East Coast Arabian Horse Championships and US Arabian Sport Horse Nationals.

My husband and I have participated in driving demos, expos, bringing judges into the ring for international Arabian Horse shows, parades, overnight camping, community events, a video and a movie. We’ve driven in mountains, on an island, in National Parks and now, we enjoy driving with Piedmont Driving Club!

Since the early 1980’s I have been involved with 4-H, open shows, state-wide Arabian Horse and International Arabian Horse organizations. I have served on numerous committees and held many offices, my current being an East Coast Regional Director for The Pyramid Society and Treasurer for PDC.

At present I am driving a pair of Haflingers, Miniature Horses and have two Arabians in training to drive.

​​Mark Duffell


Mark Duffell was first introduced to horses as a child on his grandparent’s farm in Iva, South Carolina, Mark’s love for riding and driving horses was instant and continued throughout his childhood and into adulthood.
Mark drives singles, pairs, and four abreast. He has a collection of horse-drawn farm machinery and enjoys working his four-acre garden with Amish-broke draft team Willy and Waylon. He has owned many breeds of driving horses including Standard Bred, Morgan, Dutch Harness, Percheron, Spotted Draft and Belgian Draft. Through the PDC he has developed a deeper love for pleasure driving and enjoys picnic drives and the comradery of fellow drivers in the Club.

Queenie Kemmerer

Sarah O'Hanlon

Sarah O’Hanlon lives in Albemarle County, and has been an avid horsewoman for almost 45 years.  She began her equine obsession in England where she was born, and has been a carriage driving enthusiast since 1997.  Her primary interest is in pleasure driving and Sporting Day of Traditional Driving events, and she has experience in single and pony pairs.  Sarah has an extensive background in healthcare, as well as first responder volunteer work, and has served as an Equine Team Evaluator for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management for Search and Rescue mounted teams throughout the state.  Sarah is an EMT volunteer, and works as a Volunteer Coordinator for a Hospice Organization in Charlottesville. 

Wayne Porter

Molly Savage

Mike Stylianos

I was raised in “rural suburban” southern NH, growing up near my grandparent’s chicken farm. My aunt imparted her love of animals to me at an early age, and I was introduced to horses when I met my wife Cindy in 1979. For the past 38 years, we have raised, trained, and shown Egyptian Arabian horses locally and nationally, and have been driving actively since 1998 (see Cindy’s bio for more details!). When not riding or driving, I can normally be found either photographing or cooking at equine events.

Maryalice Matheson Thomas

Owner/Operator Bowler Hill Farm with JohnDale Thomas, husband
ADS R Pleasure Driving and Coaching Judge
Fieldmaster, Orange County Hounds
Stands Cleveland Bay Stallion Windyday Shakespeare
Breeds and trains Carriage Horses and Foxhunters
Member of the PDC since 1983

Barbara Wolf

Despite coming to horses, driving, and foxhunting in our middle age, husband Tom and I have now enjoyed nearly two decades with our big (17.2+) mare, Sheba, who drives for me and hunts with the Orange County Hounds for him. When she was coming three, we learned to drive at the same time, and have been active members of the PDC since 2000. Sheba is sensible, sociable, and takes good care of us as we grow older.