Piedmont Driving Club
Est. 1978
My name is Kitty Newman.
I am one of the 10 founding members of The Piedmont Driving Club.
The other 9 founding members are or were;
Our current president, Anne Watkins and her husband Bill,Nancy Bedford

,Sam Davis,Anne Dodderage,Linda and Phil Dodderage,Pam Peck,
and Muffy Seaton.

In the spring of 1978 our very first meeting was held at a community
center to gather names and ideas to form a club. Our second meeting
was held at Anne Dodderage's farm in Bluemont, Va.  This was when the
actual formation of The Piedmont Driving Club began to take shape. Ideas were exchanged and put forth. 
The third meeting took place at Linda and Phil Dodderage's farm also in Bluemont.  That's when the club really came together, discussed by-laws and the direction the club was going to be taking regarding an annual driving club show and monthly pleasure drives.

                                                   Founding member Nancy Bedford was instrumental in gaining Foxcroft                                                                               School grounds in Middleburg, Va to hold our annual driving club show,                                                                             which later became a 2 day show with the first day devoted  to pleasure                                                                             classes and the second day devoted to a combined driving event.  For                                                                                 many years afterwards, the Piedmont Driving Club show was the only 2                                                                             day show on the East Coast.

                                                   Sandy Carlson was the first editor of the PDC newsletter.  A few years later                                                                         Flora Hillman took over the reins as editor for the next 10 years.  During                                                                             that time, several of her newsletter articles were re-printed in the ADS magazine "The                                                     Whip" as well as the CAA "Carriage Driving Journal".  Two

                                                   of her newsletter articles even made "Best of the Whip" which was a
                                                   compilation of 10 years of the "Whips" best and most informative articles.  These                                                             articles first appeared in our monthly newsletter.Later editors did a fantastic job of keeping up the newsletter which is the glue that holds the club together.

With the new millennium we saw many new members joining.  That is
when the club's focus turned more towards the fun and social picnic
drives.  The last show was held in 2006. In October of 2003 a photograph
taken by a professional photographer was featured on the back cover of
the "Loudoun Today" magazine. 
Our club has been for decades, the source of driving fun, driving

education and enjoyment of a very rare and unique countryside.
I hope you enjoy this little presentation going back to the beginning of

our club's history. 
Thanks for listening,

Kitty Newman